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While the scenes are supposed to be read as romantic, they actually add nothing to the actual story. Nevertheless, she was a dispensable character for the overall narrative of the show. The Countess portrayed by Lady Gaga in the show American Horror Story: Hotel exemplifies a character having gender and sexual ambiguity, never disclosing bisexuality as a form of identity that can potentially provide a space for bisexual and fluid viewers to identify with. This character is ultimately given a very similar arc to Anna, albeit without as unambiguously happy of an ending. Queer people need to demand positive representations of their lives.

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Margot is feminine looking, but she actually kills her brother and does not abide to the typical passive, victim role.

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Liberty. Age: 22.
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Actively critiquing popular culture is extremely important because it does influence society; harmful representations are taken as truth without a second thought. They want to believe in and live in an alternative narrative, but have internalized the dominant, heteronormative narrative. Buffy has been the subject of a lot of analysis and conversation in various forms including academic publications, online forums, and YouTube videos, so I figured I would take advantage of some of the analysis of Willow that already exists to provide a starting point for my discussion. He has a romantic interest in her from the first time he sees her.

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