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Finally, Swift is seen in the video holding a chainsaw on top of the wing of a jet airliner. He love love loves the intricate detail and vivid colours! How did he know what you looked like?? Very minor spoilers to follow. They are having sex because they are attracted to each other and Yen is loving the attention. Okay so peak female gaze eroticism is Jane Campion who is super unafraid of male nudity. Also Ana Lily Amirpour does this thing in her movies where there is romance but the two main characters never kiss and barely touch which I found really interesting.

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You feel a dip in the bed next to you as he sits down and lovingly kisses your forehead.

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I do understand criticisms of how the male gaze influences the depiction of female characters from their wardrobe like completely ridiculous heels, boob windows, unnecessary ass shots, etc. Children and Tumblr Staff should leave the room. Same exact crew who worked on the apparently uber-feminine male-gazey Compound scene from the trailer. Very minor spoilers to follow.

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