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sonic the hedgehog sally acorn
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The two of them like to poke fun at each other in a purely platonic way, with Sally often commenting on Sonic's overbearing ego and tendency not to stick to her plans. Taking Nicole, in her handheld form, in hand together, both Sally and Amy gained memories their former lives. Sonic managed to cheer up a bit and enjoyed watching the sunrise among his teammates. Princess Sally Acorn is one of the main protagonists in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. However, the conversation was interrupted as Nicole received a distress signal from her creator, Dr. Sally attempted to fight Speedy in order to protect Chip, but the spirit instead tried to help her and got kidnapped, leaving Sally to fight two armada soldiers.

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Suddenly, Sally's father contacted her with dire news: Mobotropolis was under attack by an all-new and extremely powerful robot, M'egga Man.

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Sally Acorn

After contacting Rouge the Bat and providing aid to the injured soldiers, Sally began laying plans for the team to try and locate the missing Sonic. When they were within two minutes of the sun causing the monsters to vanish, a group of them swarmed Tails, and Sally dove off the Sky Patrol in order to save him. The confrontation led to a discussion of Ellidy's behavior towards Nicole, something that Sally couldn't understand, and Ellidy revealed that Nicole had been created to save the life of Nikki, his daughter. She has a very logical mind, but has experienced enough that she readily accepts the mystical forces she encounters.

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