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By the way, this is not just a matter of personal choice, but a policy strongly inforced by the porn industry. I don't think a "Birth Date test" is appropriate in this case. For example, it could be said that just working in the porn industry for a year or two to produce movies is not much of an accomplishment. Also, anything sex-related is likely to be over-represented on the internet, so the google test is not quite a balanced criterium when applied to porn. Either her birthdate is wrong, the date of the movie is wrong, she didn't really appear there, or there's something really shady going on. The pornography web site publishers go to great lengths to ensure that it is that way.

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Annabella. Age: 28.
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Similar criteria for encyclopedic noteworthiness should apply to these performers as to other occupations.

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Nylah. Age: 20.
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In other words, not every Hairy Dickin' Tom should be in a general Wikipedia. Further comments should be made on the article's talk page rather than here so that this page is preserved as an historic record. BM, I still stick to the above line of defense. There are plenty of articles similar to this one that have remained untouched.

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