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You can also work it into domination games if you tie him up so he cannot physically touch you. He might become frustrated if you always tease him, and he has no way to relieve sexual tension. Finally, you could send a photo or even a video to turn him on. When done correctly, teasing your boyfriend can lead to some steamy sessions in bed. The key to teasing is balance.

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Hadley. Age: 31.
teasing sex video

If you always let your man take the lead, you can switch things up and tease him by initiating things.

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Celia. Age: 21.
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Teasing Sex Porn Videos

Brush up on your pun skills because sexual wordplay and euphemisms are a surefire way to tease your man. You might be bending down to reach something at the store. Learn why sexual tension is so important here. Looking for even more blowjob ideas?

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