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It also makes the character laughably unbelievable as a psychologist and even harder to like. Starting with the positives, I'll give Cynthia Rothrock credit in that she certainly knows what she's doing when it comes to the fight scenes. Janna later learns by touching a murder suspects weapon, a knife that he killed a policeman with, whom she's defending was one of the thugs who were involved in her sisters and nephew's murder. Not only that, but this film has some of the least erotic sex scenes I've ever seen which I found myself skipping through. I can see the script committee meeting before this film was made. Some of the reviews of this have been very harsh. Her career has obviously changed over the years.

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Nylah. Age: 28.
cynthia rothrock naked

Cynthia is one of the most qualified of any of the martial artists ever to act in movies.

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Yamileth. Age: 25.
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On the plus side, the fight scenes are pretty good, and Cynthia Rothrock is an efficient actress. Her best action movies were made in Hong Kong so check those out if you wish to see her at her peak. Later Janna also finds that her experience of almost cracking her head open also opened up her ability to get in touch with her psychic self.

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