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He states that, "If they survive, they're fairies! Sparky has orange fur, a wand for a tail, a blue nose, and fairy wings. To remedy this, Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, and Jorgen make it so that everyone as equally crazy about fairies as Crocker is used as a source of power for the Big Wand. As such, Chang has a crush on Vicky, who is unaware that he is a real alien. She is a bespectacled girl who has an obsessive crush on Timmy, often going to the extreme of spying on and stalking him.

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She is depicted as being smart and caring.

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Kimberly. Age: 20.
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Despite being very rich, Remy is usually unhappy due to his neglectful, wealth-distracted parents, which is the reason why he has a fairy godparent, Wanda's ex-boyfriend Juandissimo. He also speaks with a stereotypical British gentleman accent. He is known for his stupidity and has been responsible for inadvertently causing disasters since he was born. It was first encountered by the Ancient Fairy Warriors.

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