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When Hilda removes the hair blocking it, it's revealed her left eye is a solid color and is capable of detecting things ten times faster than the normal eye and even see the tiniest object. Hecatos, Graphel and Naga appeared. She answered with an evil smile that next time it won't be attempted murder and beat the shit out of Oga. This, however, did not completely extend to Furuichi, whom Hilda almost instinctively feels to be nothing more than "a creepy douche" and she is still annoyed of Aoi Kunieda's presence, even thought that Kunieda is Oga's "another woman". The change of plans makes Himekawa angry and decides to lure Oga out. The group end up going to the rooftop of a nearby building where Hilda and Lamia explain about the tissues. Her clothes are mostly elegant and black with frills and white quillings, thus resembling elegant gothic lolita fashion.

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He told her that despite her personality change, she was still Beel's mother.

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In a fight she displays a complete confidence in her own skill and power, regarding her opponents calmly and often taunting them in mid battle. Finally getting the game, Hilda tries to get another card - however she gets the wrong card. Both Oga and Saotome show faces of shock as Hilda had returned back to normal.

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