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Is it true Sarah can be spotted giving a hand behind the counter? She has been forced to think carefully about the subject for some time now. That's fighting talk, but it is true that Sarah and Atonement star Saoirse Ronan 15 , from Wexford, are alone in the young Irish female contingent landing big-budget parts in the US. Monica travels with her eldest daughter on her frequent trips to meet producers and directors in LA. Turning 18 is a coming of age for most girls, but for young Irish actress Sarah Bolger it has been more of a rude awakening.

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Michael Symons of Hamilton Hodell, Sarah's agent in London, says: "Sarah is incredibly fortunate that she has reached that stage where she doesn't have to do all of those gruelling stages of open auditions.

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Monica and dad Derek are insistent that she puts the head down, as any concerned parents would be, but Sarah is justified in saying that she has put in the groundwork for a career in acting. Her big break arrived in the shape of director Jim Sheridan and In America, which was released in She does have a boyfriend, of whom she says coyly, "He's not Irish", and she has plenty of friends in Rathfarnham.

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