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Now say the genders were reversed and the scenario played out identically up to the part where youtube video is posted, would the police have presented the exact same charges? You could say the same for rape. Sort by: Author Post time Subject. She wants the girls' parents to hand out a punishment instead. Some people are nobody's enemies but their own. Fort Myers Police says the girl would have faced misdemeanor battery charges, but that the boy's mother has refused to press charges.

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Kenley. Age: 21.
girls striping boys

It's pretty pathetic the boy let this happen, but I feel pretty bad because now his life in school is basically ruined.

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Alia. Age: 20.
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That was my first thought as well, but when you click on the link you can see the video. Inserting your penis in a women's vagina is a bit more invasive than taking someone's shorts off against their will, if we are gonna use your dogmatic sense of justice then shouldnt we punish a school yard bully taking someone's lunch money as severely as rape then? Wow, you have no idea how America works at all Igor. I would have had their asses hauled into court.

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