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You may also like Did you know the first American to lead a French couture house was black? Even images that did not have the women nude or semi-nude had captions on them that conveyed the exoticism and availability of women for the pleasure of the European male. After slavery was abolished, the rape and assault on black women and girls both at home and in the diaspora continued. There was also the need for a new and ready market for the products manufactured in Europe, and the African continent was and still mostly is a ready dumpsite. According to them, black girls and women are still viewed as hyper-sexual beings and are not believed when they report sexual abuse. The colonization of Africa by the European superpowers, starting with the Portuguese conquest of Ceuta in the early 15 th century to the Scramble for Africa under the New Imperialism in the 19 th century, has been a thoroughly discussed issue.

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How pictures of naked African women were used to lure European volunteers during colonization

Overseas, the slaves taken from Africa suffered similar and even worse fates. He goes on to talk about the rape and sexual assaults carried out on the African women by these men. Postcards sent to Europe during this period mostly featured prominently nude or semi-nude African women and girls in alluring and inviting postures.

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