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Having sex with a female is on my bucket list. Questioning, bi-questioning, etc. To know me is to know a few key things about me. We all have unique qualities and face unique challenges, but we also all have a great deal in common. The Bisexual wiccans are more powerful today than they have ever been. Tension grew and eventually I reached a point where I began to feel my stomach turn at the idea of returning to my dorm room.

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Um maybe a little bu-curious bi curious woah freaking out help me personal thoughts scared confused I don't know what to do idk rant sorry ugh weirdo.

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Raven. Age: 29.
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Now, over a decade later, I still remember sobbing, gasping for breath, pulling on my hair, and trying to explain my frustration to my terrified mother. Unicorn Bi: Your a mystery. I began the coming-out process at 18, while wrapping up my senior year of high school. Well, no, but they happened, they were real.

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