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Alicia had a similar revelation during that initial hook-up with the hung arborist. This was a pivotal moment for Alicia. Matt has also met partners out and about—including everywhere from a nudist beach to house parties and the set of a TV show—as well as on regular dating websites like OkCupid. Bella also describes how she has no gag reflex and that she enjoys being able to put that to use on a lengthy cock. None of the above apps or websites are specifically tailored toward big dicks.

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Adelina. Age: 23.
loves big dick

Not all size queens enjoy this pain—Theresa specifies that a cervix poke means that her partner is a little too large.

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Lizbeth. Age: 24.
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If a woman needs a huge cock to be satisfied, they shouldn't be ashamed to say it because they're afraid of how it makes them sound or how it makes some insecure men feel. So, intense orgasms were achieved, with seemingly much less effort on his part compared to what I've experienced with smaller partners. Dating issues also present themselves for size queens.

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