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johnny testicles 2
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Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. They wrapped their arms around each other, pulling each other closer together to deepen the kiss as their tongues battled aggressively for dominance. Finally, after a few minutes of it, Johnny felt his climax rising, "H-here it comes Mom! To his horror, he saw the name on the pedestal he had just eaten the salt from: Cation- Gender Bender Salt. Considering that he was never involved in the smut, which was a bit of a missed opportunity but whatever, and the fact that his very name is arousal killer, I saw fit to remove him entirely. Johnny wasn't sure what was worse, the fact that this was happening at all, or the fact that for once they weren't pull of it. Test said, Susan turning her head and letting her mother force her tongue into her mouth as Mary groped them both, undoing her mother's top to free her large tits.

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Finally, after a few minutes of it, Johnny felt his climax rising, "H-here it comes Mom!

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Johnny Testicles – Issue 2 JAB Comics

Occasionally she would give the tip, which she was assuming to be the cap, a relatively hard tug and Johnny would have to grit his teeth to keep from crying out as he nearly came. He needed someone, anyone to fuck in order to get off. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Sure enough, they came a few minutes later, completely covering her face and tits with hot spunk.

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