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I could feel how desperate he was Ron blow and got ready. All the other guys were getting themselves ready as this guy leaned in, groaning before emptying those full falls into me! While I doused my hair in soap and warm water, Joy-lyn crept into my bathroom. How am I supposed to do my standing flips?? In panic I tried to stand up but he just pushed my hips back down, smacking my ass against his hips as he emptied his big, pent-up load inside me! Finally he started to shudder, telling me he was about to cum! I used to be on an acrobatics team with a few of my friends.

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Analia. Age: 22.
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God it felt so good, I just moaned.

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Rylie. Age: 29.
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We definitely drank WAY too much, I mean, a few shots here and a couple beer thereā€¦ we were having fun! I started rolling my tongue over his head, trying to coax out the salty load I wanted. Gasping, I could feel his hot cum spraying thick ropes of baby batter into my belly. Finally, after having his balls bounce off my chin for the thirtieth time, he groaned loud, slammed himself down my throat, pressing my lips to his crotch and pumped the largest load yet, straight into my stomach!

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