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You'd need goose-grease and a crowbar to make me give it up. It was directed by Yogesh Bharadwaj and the title role played by Ashutosh Rana. They seemed to appreciate it very much! I was hoping it wasn't too ratty, making me look unattractive. While kothis are usually distinguished from hijras as a separate gender identity, they often dress as women and act in a feminine manner in public spaces, even using feminine language to refer to themselves and each other.

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Violence against hijras, especially hijra sex workers, is often brutal, and occurs in public spaces, police stations, prisons, and their homes.

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Saifi dresses like a boy; however, other boys sense her lack of self-esteem and eventually gang-rape her. Given the choice of reading on a device or a book they choose the actual book every time. It portrays eloquently how they, too, are not far away from the human emotions and feelings and their world not much different from the heterosexual community.

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