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All I know is I'm not gonna stand by while they steal stuff I could be stealing! When Redips later exposes himself to be a Maverick and frames X and his friends, she compares his actions to that of a corrupt corporate executive: "That's the way suits operate. While Marino survives thanks to Cinnamon's healing ability, she falls unconscious until X rouses her. Also, she has a visor with some kind of sensor attached to her helmet that can be pulled down over her eyes. Marino prides herself a thief, akin to Robin Hood and sought to steal Professor Gaudile 's new technology from him.

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Alternate illustration of Marino by Yoshihiro Iwamoto.

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She is the only playable character in the game able to equip either a shot or combat type main weapon, while others are limited to one type. In the pause menu they have the same appearance as the Beam Knife, but in battle Marino's hands are empty. Vengeful Needles - A pair of hand-held paper fans that attack with " Sweet revenge! They posses slightly better defensive stats than her other weapons Second only to the Vengeful Needles , but they weigh more than most of her other weapons as a trade-off Again, second only to the Vengeful Needles.

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