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As her mind recalled hearing that a strong series of storms were gusting through this area of Naboo for the next day or so, she summoned enough caring to yawn once more. Slender, toned arms wrapped around his neck, her eyes tightly shut as the air fled her lungs. He felt her arms cross his as they now held each other. Padme realizes a little thing she forgot and it drives Anakin crazy with desire. His breathing labored while his legs quivered as he felt the tell-tale surges of the end nearing. Sighing, she bit his shoulder as the finger fucked her harder.

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She felt him slowly begin to harden again, resulting in her grinning over his lips.

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Badges of honor earned in the war. Skimming her fingers over HER man. Over and over and over again she engulfed his solid flesh in warm saliva before deeply drawing in and out of her mouth until he began to tremble from such pleasure.

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