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Kim took to Twitter to post a pic of her lying naked on a bed, wearing just undies and a pair of brand spankin' new Yeezy sneakers. Whether you agree with her Insta choices or not, Kim does seem to really be feeling herself in these pics. In her caption, she made sure everyone knew the origins of the look. She stepped out in an unbelievably see-through slip dress and a nude thong, covering her boobs with a taupe blazer. To promote her Flashing Lights collection, she posed nude, this time with nothing to cover her up except for her fingers and a well-placed sheet. October 19, Kim is all about that strategic hand placement in this badass pic. COM on my 5 year wedding anniversary on Friday,

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January 19, Kim is obvi into posing nude in her bed.

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Ally. Age: 27.
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Here's Every Single Time Kim Kardashian Has Posted Naked Pics on Instagram

February 8, Kim posts a picture of her holding her unclasped bra against her chest. She cracks a dad joke in the caption, entitling this photo: "nudels. For this nude pic, she throws it back to with a tbt that shows how Kim used to situate her bosom when she had to rock low-cut dresses and tops.

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